In a World Where 99% of Businesses require 6 mo/1-year before seeing profits/results:

Finally, an Opportunity to Start A NON-Complex Online Business, using your smartphone as an option to legally make as much as ₦230k-₦500k a month – No Capital Needed.

Watch this Video for the 4 Steps to Get Started – [Set up, Receive funds, Send Funds, TAKE PROFITS]

Watch this Video for the 4 Steps to Get Started – [Set up, Receive & Send Funds, TAKE PROFITS]


I mean, you want to start a business with ZERO NAIRA?

Yes? Yeah. Welcome.

It works so well that Most people call it the SHORTEST LEGIT ROUTES TO MONTHLY 7/8 FIGURES BUSINESS.

You make money under 24 hrs per transaction. Not after 6 months to years of trials and errors.

Doings from this smart business - FOR - $712.00
Doings from this smart business - FOR - $920.00
Your profit from this transaction - FOR - $515.00

Let’s check out a LIVE ACCOUNT

Your profit from this transaction - FOR - $1,450.00
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Other transactions
Some more
A section of Transaction History

There are just too many more I don’t want to bore you with.

Your profit from this transaction - FOR - $715.00


You Have Seen This PayPal Dollar Business System Works. Sign Up to Get Started.


Well, you have the right. Why?

BECAUSE in a world where a normal business takes from 6 months to 1 year before you see results, this particular business is far from the normal.

I will erase every last bit of your skepticism in just a few minutes to see the payment proofs sent to clients who give me their PayPal dollar money in exchange for Naira.

Right now, all I need you to do is pay close attention to the few lines of words on this page.


Like I’ve explained more than enough, here are the steps.

There are only 4 steps to making money as fast as possible with this ₦200K- ₦500K/MO with the PayPal Dollar Business.

Step 1. Set up the business process [which is normal for every business + client acquisition]

Step 2. Receive PayPal dollar funds from people [using your email address].

Step 3. Send Naira to them based on your preferred rate [as you’ll be shown]

Step 4. TAKE PROFITS – [after sending them their Naira equivalent]

Repeat the process…and…Earn…Over and Again.

You see…When you get registered today and set up the transaction processes, with your smartphone as an option, you will start making money and you have the option to work closely with me.

You too can start to make ₦40k, ₦80k, ₦150k or even ₦300k per week just as I have shown how it works.

Actually, how much you can make with this PayPal Dollar Business and how often depends on you.

There are people Bello, King, Akan, and more I’ve served. See a few receipts below.

There are people Bello, King, Akan, and more I’ve served. See a few receipts below.

There Are 3 reasons why this PayPal Dollar Business works for people who try it

The first reason is that it takes ADVANTAGE OF THE FINANCIAL GAP SYSTEM in Nigeria.

The second reason is that it works based on the fact that it allows you to HELP Freelancers and other inline business entrepreneurs who want to withdraw their PayPal funds for Naira.

PayPal remains the most used Payment platform in the world and most companies use it to pay affiliates and digital entrepreneurs, hence its popularity and continuous growth.


The PayPal Dollar Exchange Business Program

The PAYPAL- DOLLAR EXCHANGE BUSINESS PROGRAM is the new training that makes it possible for you to implement the 5 steps of the ₦100k-500k Per month using PayPal Dollar Business even if you have never sold anything online before.

The good thing about this training is that it is something you can complete within a day and start to implement it.


That is because there are only 14 SHORT videos in the training and many of the videos are not even up to 8 minutes.

Just by following these videos, [1] you will be able set up the PayPal business, [2] discover where to get clients, [3] receive PayPal, [4] send them the require NAIRA funds and [5] finally take your profits.

It goes on when you repeat the process.

These 15 videos take you by hand and walk you through what to do to go from zero to ₦200K a month or more using a combination of PayPal account and where to source the best clients.

VIDEO 1 is the introductory video. It helps you understand the Requirements and Steps to starting the PayPal Dollar Business.

VIDEO 2 helps you to understand the main PayPal dollar exchange business.

VIDEO 3 explains how to Create custom link for client acquisition.

VIDEO 4 explains how to get customers for the Business.

VIDEO 5 explains How to build trust for the business

VIDEO 6 helps you to understand How to remove limits off PayPal account.

VIDEO 7 helps you to understand How to generate a Dollar & Pound Sterling Bank account.

VIDEO 8 helps you to understand How to add a Dollar Bank account to PayPal.

VIDEO 9 shows you how to run the PayPal Dollar Exchange Business with your Smartphone

VIDEO 10 shows you how to contact PayPal Customer Care from Nigeria.

VIDEO 11 talks about the Best Banks for PayPal Dollar Business.


The above can be operated using your normal bank account.

And when you want to go global, as in, get thousands of clients to your PayPal business as other big websites, I recommend you get your business name registered to build more trust with the new clients.

VIDEO 12 helps you to understand How to get CAC – Business registered for scaling.

VIDEO 13 talks about going Social and relevant Links to create.

VIDEO 14 shows you ACTIVE Facebook groups to get more clients for the PayPal Dollar Business


Apart from the 14 SHORT Videos in this training, you will also get 4 BONUSES to support the PayPal business.



EBOOK/PDF VERSION – [Download the lesson in a PDF format]

How to create a VERIFIED & transactable PayPal Account.

How to link and verify your PayPal account

How to master PayPal account management.

Nothing Here – Just More Real-Life payment transactions sent to clients after taking my profits.


If you need A Step-by-step Formula To Make Money From Home By TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE FINANCIAL GAP SYSTEM in Nigeria and making money, then this is where it starts.

NOTE: Get instant access and support when you make payment now!

for those asking who I am

I am “Isuamfon Offiong”.
A Full-time Affiliate Marketing Blogging Business Entrepreneur.

I discovered this method after many failures and being ripped off my money.

If you get started today, TOMORROW will be yours to tell the STORY!!!


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