How To Pay for bluehost in Nigeria

How To Pay for Bluehost in Nigeria (as a Blogger)

Have you struggled to pay for Hostinger in Nigeria with your Nigerian Naira card?

Since the federal government ban on many things, including dollar international payments, making over-the-border transactions has been a big issue.

In case you are asking why your Naira card stopped working, one of the reasons is the federal government’s quest to balance the forex demand rates in the international market, hence the ban, the same with the cryptocurrency (Pi-tokens likely exempted).

As you would guess, this decision affected a lot of digital marketers (including bloggers), so the struggle for a suitable card for USD online payment has just begun.

On the bright side, if you need a free and easy-to-load card for online payment with payment of web hosting inclusive, then the card to use is the UBA Dollar Prepaid Visa Card.

The “UBA Dollar Prepaid Card” is a standalone bank card – available to all Nigerians and Africans. You can get the card with or without an account with United Bank for AfriCard (UBA).


You can make $2,500 daily and $10,000 monthly international payments with the card. Feel free to add this card to your Bluehost web hosting account and related web transactions.

Learn more about the card here.

Pros of Using UBA Prepaid Card to Pay Bluehost Hosting Plans

  • You don’t need a bank account with UBA to get the prepaid card.
  • You do not need to source USD at the black market; you can load your card online using a known freelance service like fnfSwap Nigeria.
  • You can fund online.
  • You can do up to $2,500 per day in online payments.
  • It works on many websites, including AliExpress, Twitter, Google, eBay, etc.
  • You can quickly check the USD balance online.

Cons of the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card

  • It has a monthly to quarterly limit of $10,000.
  • It does not work for Google Console Account top-ups.

Requirements to get the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card

To request and get the card, you need to go to the bank with the following documents for KYC:

  • 1 Passport Photograph
  • An ID Card
  • BVN details
  • Utility bill.

Upon submission at the bank and processing, you will be issued a new prepaid card for the online hosting payment.

How to Load the UBA Dollar Visa Prepaid Card Online

See how to fund the UBA prepaid card to save time and stress.

  • Go to for funding.
  • Get the exchange rates and make payment of the equivalent USD you need.
  • After payment, upload the receipt and drop your card details (client ID and surname).
  • Get funded in less than 30 minutes.

Fund your UBA dollar prepaid card.

How to Pay for Bluehost in Nigeria Online

  • Request for the Prepaid card at the bank.
  • Fund the card with the USD you need for the hosting fee.
  • Go to Bluehost and select the hosting package you need.
  • Select “pay with Debit/Credit” card option.
  • Enter the card info and pay for the hosting service.

That’s all.

Now, you have the world of subscriptions and hosting service payments at your fingertips using the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card as the enabler.

About Bluehost Web Hosting as a Nigerian Blogger

Bluehost is a popular web hosting service for bloggers and other digital marketers.

And while another web host like Namecheap accepts crypto, you can swap Pi for Naira, use the proceeds, and fund your Prepaid for web hosting payment.

Does Bluehost accept Crypto payments?

No, Bluehost does not accept crypto payments. The best thing to do is swap the Crypto for USD or local currency and use the same for the hosting payment.
As a Nigerian, you can still make Bluehost hosting payments using crypto. How? By selling Crypto and getting USD or Naira with the freelance service – fnfSwap Nigeria.

How to Pay for a Hostinger from Nigeria?

Yes, you can pay for Hostinger from Nigeria by using a free Dollar Card like Africard or fund it, and make the payment. I use Hostinger on my Branded site so you can check it out here.

Can you pay Bluehost with PayPal?

Yes, you can pay Bluehost with PayPal, as PayPal is one of the payment options available for the Bluehost hosting service.

How to make a payment on Bluehost?

Go to Bluehost/pricing, select your preferred payment plan, select payment method, and make payment using your credit card or PayPal. That is all.

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